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Get BeckmannAg Footbeds

How it works, and what to expect.

BeckmannAG footbeds go beyond simply imprinting your feet, to a tuned support for your unique movement signature. This tuning process requires a particular mix of materials, skill, and time.

Foot structure varies greatly from one person to the next; and often from left foot to right. That structure will determine the immediate impact of BeckmannAG footbeds.  An athlete in need of greater support may notice the effect of optimized structure, while an athlete needing less support may notice enhanced movement feedback derived from the accurate contouring process.  Both gain the opportunity to refine their respective movement streams absent compromised footing.

BeckmannAG footbeds begin with a mold that defines the contour and support needs of each foot. That mold is used along with a thermoplastic to create a positive contour. That contour is backed with a composite foam. Excess material is gradually removed until each foot is stabilized, and the footbed is properly fit to the boot. By this process, the athlete can begin to experience greater freedom of movement, across diverse platforms.

BeckmannAG footbeds can be used for alpine, telemark, AT, and nordic skiing, as well as snowboard boots, skates, cycling shoes, and so forth.

BeckmannAG footbeds are produced in two separate sessions. The first involves molding, and review of particular needs/requirements. This usually takes 45 minutes.

The second session is more intensive. It involves tuning the footbeds to the unique structural needs of each foot, fitting the footbeds to the boots of choice, and a discussion of what to expect for the first few hours of use. This usually takes an hour, but can run longer depending on pre-existing issues affecting fit and comfort.

From $200.

Includes materials, fabrication, tuning, fitting, and if necessary, a follow-up session after your first day on snow, should further adjustment be required.

By Appointment.

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