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Removing obstacles to athletic performance is an iterative process. Often, there are a number of factors hindering progress, and each must be dealt with in sequence.

Of those, one is usually more significant than the others.

This element may be determined with a phone call, Zoom meeting, by way of video review, or in person. The diagnostic process itself will vary from one athlete to another, but that personalized process begins with a conversation.

From there, we can make a plan that accounts for needs, budget, and available time.

Consultation starts at $100/hour, one hour minimum; the first of which can be divided into four sessions.

For example, if you’d like to review successive video segments taken days or weeks apart.

Schedule a free 20 minute call by way of the Contact page if you have a specific problem you’d like to address, or for additional Information on how the equipment interface may be impacting your performance.

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