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Removing Obstacles to Progress

Photo: Guy Laroche.

You think you have a problem on snow, and you’re not sure how to proceed.

New boots, new board, but there’s still something lurking in the shadows. Perspective matters. When we’re too close to a problem, it can be difficult to see what’s going on.

I’ve spent nearly three decades working with countless athletes. This extensive experience has informed both my footbed manufacture, as well as my problem solving process.

When I can see the problem through your eyes, I can apply what I’ve seen through my own.

It’s a collaborative approach.

For beginning problem solvers, no difficulty is more common than simply not understanding the problem. The best test of understanding that we know of is: can you explain the problem, in your own words, to a friend?

( Halliday and Resnick, The Fundamentals of Physics)

As a person, as a construct, as an athlete, you’re one thing:


Your movement signature is yours alone, based on conformation, life experience, approach to learning, equipment choice and configuration, personal philosophy, etc.

My goal isn’t to help you ride like me, it’s to help you ride as you, in the manner you intend. This is where you are. This is where you want to be. How do you get there? What stands in your way?

I realized a long time ago that problems on snow don’t go away until you address the root cause. And that clearing one problem often reveals the next, to be solved in turn.

Problems can be procedural, cognitive, philosophical, or mechanical. Each may appear similar to something another athlete has experienced, but each will be specific to you.

Custom fit works for footbeds. Custom fit works for problem solving.

Both start with a conversation.

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